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Bentex Automotive was founded 1992 by Mr. Karel Hron as a Limited Company. The beginning of the production was associated with sewing of headrest covers for Audi and Mercedes.

  • The production of convertors and spark-coils started 1995, producing electronic parts for the firm VOGT.
  • Another externation of the production started 1996 with sockets, channels, inside drops and shaft bottoms of polyester glass fibre.
  • The fabrication of complete seat covering for BMW E46 started in 1998 with a daily amount of about 600 carsets. The list of used materials reaches from fabric and artificial leather to high-quality leather for BMW M3 Motorsport.
  • The documented seam airbag technology was first introduceded in 2000 and the sewing division was moved to a new location of a formal agricultural area. The first cutting machine was acquired. The headrests production was relocated to a nearby town of Kaplice, the fabric-cutting division and the seat cover section moved to the town of Benešov nad Černou.
    We acquired ISO 9001, QS900 and VDA 6.1 certificates.
  • 2004 the BENTEX corporation was transformed into three self sustaining companies: BENTEX - Elektro Ltd., Bentex - Plast Ltd. and BENTEX Automotive Inc.
    Bentex Automotive Inc. continued with the activities of former Bentex Ltd. - the sewing division - and developed further. The production program was widened to the sewing of car airbags, front seat carpetings, armrests, door upholsteries, train and airplane seat covers and covers for baby seats.
  • In 2005 Bentex Automotive Inc. became a subcompany of the Sněžka Náchod Cooperative society.
  • 2008 the production in the workplace of Kaplice was ceased and the entire manufacturing programme was gathered to the main enterprise in Benešov nad Černou.
  • In 2013 was taken a new technology for cutting roll materials – Cutter Lectra Vector Auto Q80.





Nowadays Bentex Automotive Inc. engages 200 employees in total. The production facilities covers three CNC machines Lectra (new Lectra Vector Auto Q80 was taken in 2015), and 300 modern sewing-machines (JUKI, Dürkopp-Adler and Pfaff). Bentex Automotive covers an area of round 40,000 square meters - 4,100 square meters of production facilities and 4,200 square meters of storage room. The contemporary daily production comes up to 5,000 pieces of seat covers and carpetings for Opel, Škoda, Audi and Rover. It started sewing interiors for the aviation industry.


Bentex Automotive is due to its controlling company Sněžka Náchod now together with Autotex Ltd. Snina (SK) and Stival Automotive Ltd. (CZ) and an own sub company Bentex Inc. Zilina (SK) a member of the interior producers association for vehicles, especially automobile industry.


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