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Our products appear in as many shapes and colours as necessary to meet each customer´s demand completely - from simple fabric to complex leathern items decorated with decorative seam, embroidery or the trade mark of the customer.

The products of Bentex Automotive Inc. are among those car parts you can call a shield: "handwork"

  • seat covers
  • headrest covers
  • armrest covers
  • gear shift bar covers
  • interior carpets
  • cabin floor carpets

and other sewn parts of car- and other means of transport interiors


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We arrange for freight service with our own or contract carriers.




  • digitalization of cuts and nesting using OPTITEX software
  • cutting of material by CNC cutting machines (3x Lectra)
  • sewing on modern single- and twin-needle machines
  • (JUKI, Dürkopp - Adler and PFAFF)
  • sewing of documented airbag seams

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Our aim is an exact, error-free product made of first-class materials. We check the quality of materials in our laboratory. We carry out the following tests:

  • colour check
  • measures check
  • areal weight check
  • material thickness check

Additional tests can be realized in association with our controlling company or in external accredited laboratories.


The entire measuring means are accurate and calibrated by internal or external calibration laboratories.


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