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Required profession : Šička

Workplaces and contacts :

Company: BENTEX Automotive as, Benešov nad Černou 301,

Post Code 382 82

To the report: H. Kolarova, tel. 380 309 116, Z. Tašárová, tel.601 334 330

Attributes of the vacancy :

Frequency: Three-shift operation

Working Time: Full

Min. level of education: Basic s / 1 year of work in the field of condition /

Employment relationship from: Entry possible by agreement with the employer

Salary range from: CZK 10,500 - CZK 13,000 / according to valid labor consumption /

Note about vacancy :

Upon entering the job, the employment relationship will be closed for a certain period of time / with a probationary period / with the possibility of extending or subsequently negotiating the employment for an indefinite period of time.

This is an interesting job in the profession of sewing / sewing of headrest covers and complete covers of vehicle seats / in the automotive industry.

We require reliability and flexibility at work.

The workplace is also suitable for foreigners.

Place of work in Benešov nad Černou no. 301 .


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